Organising a Barn Dance? Need some ideas or help?

Here’s some tips and tricks to make it a great party…

  • Choose a hall or space that is right for the expected number of people attending. Too little space will prevent everyone being able to dance. But too much space and it can feel empty and lacking in atmosphere.
  •  Make sure there is plenty of food and drink. Asking people to bring their own is one way of making sure everyone stays refreshed and fuelled for the activity, or get a local catering company to supply some provisions.
  • Decorate the event – with whatever you like. Balloons, bunting, hay-bails, all add to the vibe and make the event feel special. Lighting is also important as too much light can make people self conscious of dancing, and no light makes it all down right dangerous!
  •  Have fun! This is perhaps the most obvious, and definitely most important point. Barn Dancing was not invented as an olympic sport and some say it’s best enjoyed when you get it totally wrong! Everyone (including the organiser) must enjoy the whole process – and it will be a memorable night.


For more advice please get in touch.